Rialto's Bistro

Discover new flavors – the chef presents his daily recommendations on our slate.

Small menu 14:30 - 18:30.


Cold Appetizers


what the season offers, balsamic dressing with a touch of mustard
CHF 12.–

Asian salad

crunchy vegetables, sweet and sour dressing
CHF 14.–


grilled and candied mediterranean style
CHF 16.–


finely sliced veal in a tuna sauce
CHF 26.–

Chicken oyster

pan-fried with balsamic vinegar an d lamb's lettuce
CHF 28.–

Tuna fish

half cooked on a bed of asian salad
CHF 29.–

Japanese Beef

tataki style on his bed of quinoa
CHF 30.–

Goose liver

terrine with apple and pear
CHF 36.–


Soup of the day

inspiration of the market
CHF 12.–


consommé with vegetables
CHF 12.–


thaï style, with coconut milk and poached shrimps
CHF 24.–

Pasta and Risotto


"Rialto" with fresh tomatoes, basil and pesto
CHF 26.–

Les penne

with a spicy tomato sauce
CHF 26.–

Les fusilli

with seafood
CHF 34.–

Les raviolis Wonton maison

with rock langouste, pak choi vegetable, langouste- and tarragon juice
CHF 36.–

Le risotto

with lemon and pan-fried scampis, fresh mint
CHF 36.–

Fish and Seafood


stuffed vietnamese style, eggplant, turnip, pepper, saffron sauce
CHF 33.–


pan-seared, zucchini spaghetti, olive and datterino tomato, pan-seared chanterelle
CHF 36.–


whole grilled, with Bayaldi vegetables and sauce vierge
CHF 64.–


Pork belly

36 hours slowly cooked, mixed summer vegetables and potatoes with smoked spices
CHF 32.–

Farm Guinea fowl

stuffed with mushrooms, duchesse potatoes and little ratatouille vegetable
CHF 35.–


26 hours low temperature cooked spare rib style, seasonal vegetables and tarragon

CHF 38.–

Veal escalope

"Viennese" style, mashed potatoes, spinach with olives and dried tomatoes
CHF 44.–


grilled Swiss ribsteak tagliata style
CHF 45.–

La côte entière (beef or veal)

whole rib of beef or veal depending on availability, matured on the bone
2pers CHF 134.– (45 min.)

Desserts and Cheese


our choice of 3 local cheese
CHF 16.–

Le café

chilled with coffee ice-cream
CHF 14.–


strawberry, mirabelle plum and peach with their fruits
CHF 16.–

Ice cream

chocolate, vanilla and green tea with their decoration
CHF 16.–

Strawberry soup

with rhubarb and vanilla ice-cream
CHF 17.–

The strawberry

peppermint cream, vanilla shortbread and strawberry-mint sherbet
CHF 17.–

Le baba

rhum baba with Bourbon vanilla cream
CHF 18.–

Le moelleux

chocolate moelleux with pistazio ice-cream
CHF 22.– (15 min)

Rialto | Bistro Bar

Promenade 54
CH - 3780 Gstaad

Tel: +41 33 744 34 74
Fax: +41 33 744 84 54

Rialto | Bistro Bar

Promenade 54
CH - 3780 Gstaad

Tel: +41 33 744 34 74
Fax: +41 33 744 84 54

Rialto | Bistro Bar

Promenade 54
CH - 3780 Gstaad

Tel: +41 33 744 34 74
Fax: +41 33 744 84 54